BENTLEY MILLER - is a Toronto based Director of Photography. His passion is image making whatever the medium, be it film or digital based media. He began his image-making career as a lighting director with an avant-garde television station soon after graduating from university with a degree in television production. Today, he continues the pursuit of excellence exemplified by his past work. He is currently working on a range of diverse projects in film and digital based media.

A career founded on quality service and predicated on skill, knowledge and commitment best describe Bentley and his approach to any project. He is a skilled practitioner as both a Director of Photography and a Lighting Director. Within this site you will find a resume that highlights some of the projects that he has successfully completed. Bentley applies his experience to each project with the same amount of enthusiasm, determination and desire. For a demo reel or more information please feel free to  contact Bentley.

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Bentley Miller is a talented and successful director of photography located in Toronto, Ontario Canada. He excels
in all aspects of lighting design, and production. He is a lighting director, designer, and an expert in cinematography. Past projects include working with
musical talents including Hedley, David Usher, Sarah Harmer, Paul Anka, The Pussycat Dolls, Feist, Ron Sexsmith, and Jeff Healey, among others. Past musical shows include
Beautiful Noise, Rez Bluez, and Orange Lounge - Live at Sympatico MSN. Bentley Miller is a talented cameraman, lighting director, lighting designer, and
cinematographer. Cinematography is his passion, and his livelihood. He has successfully had a 28 year career in the film and television industry and he
continues to be in great demand. Bentley Miller can take any show that he is given and transform it into a visual masterpiece no matter the subject matter
or location. Bentley was the DOP for Debbie Travis and her show From the Ground Up. Debbie Travis Painted House. Bentley Miller has written numerous
articles on freelancing, working with film, television, video, digital mediums as well as articles on being a Director of Photography(DOP), Lighting Designer,
Lighting Director. He also has articles on High Definition Television (HDTV), Lenses, colour, color, softlights, staging, teaching, and communication. Live
at the Orange Lounge on Sympatico MSN has given bentley the opportunity to work with musical talents such as Pussycat Dolls, Paul Anka, David Usher, Money Money,
and Hedley. Working for director/producer Aaron Goldman Bentley Miller has had the opportunity to work with some of the leading Native blues bands in Canada, and the
United States. Working with Director Dan Burman and Producer Paul Mcnulty Bentley Miller has had the opportunity to work with musical talents such as
Feist, Ron Sexsmith, Jeff Healey, Sarah Harmer, Cowboy Junkies, and the North Mississipi Allstars. More recently he has worked with Snow Patrol as well as Il Divo.